The SE-1000X gives you unsurpassed energy output,
long-term reliability, and the lowest cost of energy.

The Soliant Energy SE-1000X delivers the most powerful, reliable and cost-effective solar solution for commercial rooftops with high energy demands and limited space. Critical peak-hour energy output stays strong with Soliant Energy's patent-pending TipTilt Tracking™ dual-axis technology.

With the Soliant SE-1000X you get:

  • More energy output.
    You'll nearly double your energy production* with the SE-1000X's high-efficiency cells, dual-axis TipTilt Tracking™, and superior temperature coefficient.
  • Lowest cost of energy.
    Because the SE-1000X gives you much more energy output, you get the lowest cost of energy.
  • Low installation cost.
    Save even more money with 40-50% fewer panels, 60% more watts per string, and 60% fewer DC strings.**
  • Maintenance-free tracking components.
    Get 25+ years life with Soliant's smart, reliable, robust design.
  • Low wind profile.
    Save construction costs with the SE-1000X's low profile, wind-transparent design.

* Compared to conventional thin film PV.
** Compared to conventional PV