Soliant Energy’s CPV components stand up to your most demanding commercial rooftop conditions.
Maintenance FREE

Soliant Energy's CPV significantly outperforms poly/mono PV.

Soliant Poly Mono PV
Highest energy per sq.ft.
Closed-loop dual-axis tracker
Low profile & wind tolerant
Lowest levelized cost of energy
lightweight & non-penetrating
Easy, cheap installation
  • Higher energy yield (kWh/installed kW) primarily attributed to the use of tracking systems. When utilized in areas with high DNI, this can be a significant effect, providing lower cost of electricity even for products with higher $/W cost.
  • Higher efficiency, allowing smaller module area; in some cases, CPV requires less than half the module area to deliver the same power.
  • Lower capital investment because of the reduced use of semiconductor material compared with flat-plate silicon; this reduces risk for the investor and allows more rapid adjustment of plans based on changing markets.
  • Excellent performance in late afternoon when energy costs are typically the highest.
  • Qualitatively different solar solution that complements low-efficiency systems and contributes to a strong technology portfolio for solar, especially for the sunniest locations.
  • Renewable electricity source with a cost that can already compete with conventional electricity sources (grid parity) in some locations.
  • Easy, flexible, modular installation in sizes ranging from kilowatts to multiple megawatts.
  • Low maintenance, typically just de-soiling of panels.
  • Little or no environmental impact with rooftop CPV.
  • Low carbon intensity makes CPV the green choice.
  • Fast energy payback in less than a year in some case.