Soliant Energy is the leading provider of concentrated solar energy systems for commercial rooftops.

Soliant Energy provides the most powerful, reliable, and cost-effective solar solutions for commercial rooftops; ideal for high energy consumers in dry, sunny locations. With Soliant Energy's unique roof system, customers get up to 80% more energy from the same rooftop at the most competitive price.

Only Soliant Energy's unique roof system features:
  • High-performance, high-efficiency concentrating optical system.
  • Dual-axis, auto-calibrating, fully integrated TipTilt Tracking™.
  • Full compatibility with current installation best practices.
With Soliant Energy you get:
  • Up to 80% more energy produced in the same rooftop conditions with our proprietary high-performance, high-efficiency concentrating optical system that gives you the most energy output — especially during critical peak hours, when other systems lose power.
  • Our reliable, maintenance-free components are designed to eliminate costly downtime.
  • Our patent-pending TipTilt Tracking™ tracks the sun's movement within 1/10 of one degree accuracy — all day, every day.
  • An impressive ROI with Soliant Energy. The energy you produce will cost you less.
  • And we're fully compatible with current best practices so your installation costs less and uses existing resources and skills.

News: We have different partner in solar manufacturing and techs but this time we partner with technology company, ProductDossier Solutions - An integrated project management software.